Will not connect to iPad or IPad Mini

I use IFlyGPS. I use either an iPad or a iPad Mini. Sometimes my setup works like a champ, others (most) a total flop. I use two different power packs, both provide proper amps and have worked before. Today my instructor was able to connect using Foreflight, I couldn’t. We’ve flow together both using my FlightBox before. IPads show the network but claim “no internet connection “. I can’t rely on this unit.

FlightBox does not connect to the internet. It only provides ADSB to the iPad. The iPad can only connect to one wifi signal at a time. You can’t get internet and ADSB at the same time with this setup. If your iPad has LTE or can connect to the phone system, you might be able to get internet service simultaneously that way. If you have a wifi only iPad I think you are out of luck.