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FlightBox Support

This is the category for issues with FlightBox (not with your EFB application). If you're having problems getting wifi to work, don't seem to be getting GPS data, need advice on antenna location, or any other FlightBox basic, please post it here.

EFB Questions / Issues

This topic is for questions and issues related to FlightBox or Stratux and an EFB (electronic flight bag) application. We support a large number of apps, each of which has its own quirks and requirements. (We're working to document these in the User Guide - please review it prior to posting.)

FlightView Support

This category is for all questions related to the FlightView EFIS and associated products (FlightBox Pro EXP, ADC, EMS, FlightBar, FlightDock, etc.).


Every FlightBox ships with antennas, but in some cases users want something a bit different. Building a composite aircraft and want to embed a j-pole in the fuselage? Have an old DME antenna and want to re-use it as a super high-gain UAT antenna? Here's the place to talk about it.

FlightBox Kit Assembly

This category covers any issues or questions related to assembling a FlightBox kit. Have questions about installing the ground plane tape? Need to know how to get the Remote GPS connected? You're in the right place.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.