What temperature is the fan supposed to turn on?


I just updated to the AHRS upgrade. I noticed that the fan is not running so I assume it is controlled thermostatically. I left the FlightBox running all night and found the next morning that FlightBox had shut down but it was still connected to the FlightBox iOS app. All functions were gray except for the FlightBox WiFi Network. So I assumed it overheated. The next morning I rebooted it by removing power and repowering it. The temperature being reported on the iOS app is 55C (131F). Shouldn’t the fan have turned on by now?

BTW - In another post I shared the fact that the GPS and indicator lights on the top of the new AHRS lid are INOP as well.

The Flight box was recently updated to AHRS, running v1.0r1 firmware.

Thank you.

Bret C

Dont use the ios app until it is updated for the AHRS. It will not indicate the AHRS data stream.
Also, it will not update the software for the AHRS yet. You have to use the Web server inside Flightbox. After connecting your WiFi to it, use a web browser and go to
The status page there will also show your software version which should be the AHRS Beta version as indicated in the top Menu bar.
BTW, it takes about 20 secs after power up for the Green power light to come on because it indicates the CPU is running the program logic. I left mine running all night on the nightstand in the hous here, and it stayed in 3D GPS lock all night and the CPU temperature has stabilized at around 125 degs F based on ambient temperature in the house here. The fan came on at 40 degs C (xxx) and has stayed on since. The Orange GPS light blinked until it got a 3D lock and has been Steady all night and this morning. The blue light blinks when it sees a 1090 signal in the last 60 secs from an aircraft flying overhead since the flightbox here is not airborne.