WAAS GPS on iPad?

Does anyone get WAAS using the Flightbox Dual with the iPad?
I also have an iFly 720 with a Flightbox Dual and receive WAAS, but not on on iPad. Do I have something not turned on?

Talked to the people at Adventure Pilot about the iFly and iPad combination.
Here is what they said

“I suspect that you are seeing the WAAS on the iFly unit due to it is getting the GPS from the internal iFly unit GPS, not the FlightBox or Stratux. FlightBox does not send a WAAS tag or signal in there messages that we parse with the iFly GPS unit. There are a few of the ADS-B receivers that do include this. We are looking into adding this for a future release on the iFly GPS.”

The people at Adventure Pilot that has the iFly units are fantastic to work with they are always helpful and have a great product ----- Highly recommend these folks