Using Flightview with an autopilot

Hi all,

I had a Digitrak autopilot that started wandering side to side off the course line while on GPS Direct-To navigation. It started with the update that allowed selectable baud rates, 4800, 9600, etc. I figured it was the old Digitrak, so I replaced it with a new BendixKing xCruze 100 head. I still have the same issue of wandering.

Does anyone with an autopilot notice the same issue?

Ken W

I have the trutrak vision and have not experienced this wandering. Mine is dead on the money with both cause and altitude. Vans RV9A

Hi Ed,

I am glad Flightview is not a problem for your vision and I hope it is not a problem for my xCruze. I think my xCruze had an issue when I installed it and have sent it in for repair. Do you use the advanced autopilot control with the vision? Is it user friendly? Does it really follow GPSS?


Ken W

Yes, Ken it does provide GPSS steering. Yes, I use the advanced mode. It all works as advertised. Used it coupled all the way to Oshkosh and back. You can program anything you can do on the Vision control panel including climbs and descents to programmed altitude. Once Steven gets the IFR approach stuff all worked out it will fly glideslopes as well.

Thank you Ed. Can’t wait to try it.