Using Flightview with an autopilot

Hi all,

I had a Digitrak autopilot that started wandering side to side off the course line while on GPS Direct-To navigation. It started with the update that allowed selectable baud rates, 4800, 9600, etc. I figured it was the old Digitrak, so I replaced it with a new BendixKing xCruze 100 head. I still have the same issue of wandering.

Does anyone with an autopilot notice the same issue?

Ken W

I have the trutrak vision and have not experienced this wandering. Mine is dead on the money with both cause and altitude. Vans RV9A

Hi Ed,

I am glad Flightview is not a problem for your vision and I hope it is not a problem for my xCruze. I think my xCruze had an issue when I installed it and have sent it in for repair. Do you use the advanced autopilot control with the vision? Is it user friendly? Does it really follow GPSS?


Ken W