Upgrade Flightbox to RP3

I have a Flightbox running on the RP2 and was wondering if there was any benefit to upgrading to the RP3 (Is it faster, more stable, etc.). This is not to say there are any issues with the Flightbox now, I just have an unused RP3 sitting around in the house.

My follow up question is would this be a drop in upgrade, what I mean is essentially would you just pop the SD card out of the RP2 and toss into RP3, hook everything back up and be good to go?

There’s no real advantage to swapping in a Pi 3. We moved to the 3 because it includes onboard wifi at the same price, not because we needed the additional processing power. In fact, we only use about 30% of the available computing power on the Pi 2.

Also, it’s not a true drop-in, as the version of Linux on your SD card is specific to the Pi 2, so you would have to re-image with the newer Pi-3 compatible image.

FWIW - The newer image is backward compatible with the Pi 2 and does include some small advantages.

Thank you for your answer! Is there anyway to image in SD cards ourselves? I come from a technology background and would be willing to accept the cost if I brick it.


Sure. Please see: https://www.openflightsolutions.com/flightbox/re-imaging-the-flightbox-data-card/