Updated to version 3

I updated my Flightview to version 3 today. I sent Steve an e-mail this morning and we set up a call for 4:30 and he sent me the files and instructions. Instructions were easy to understand. After downloading the files and copying one to a Flash drive at home I finished up at the airport. I did need to email a System Identifier to Steve so you need to have cellular or wifi to do that. I was able to use my phone as a hotspot. Steve called after to see how everything went.

When the system finally came online I needed to reboot a couple times and the AHRS needed configuring. Steve did say he used the files from his own airplane so I went through all the menus and settings and set them to my RV.

Sounds like not much has changed but the operating system received a lot of tweeks and is now ready for the new update coming in July.

Ken W