Re-image after bricking

I did an update and bricked the card. If I want to send in the card to be re-imaged do I just send it to the main address with a check for $3 or how should it be done?

From our repair / warranty page:

Data Cards

While the data cards used in FlightBox kits are normally quite robust, they can be damaged or corrupted over time. The Open Flight Solutions warranty does not cover data cards. However, we offer three options for our customers who require a data card replacement:

  1. We provide a copy of the system image and instructions for re-imaging the data card on our Support site. If your card is not physically damaged, you can re-image it by following the (reasonably) simple instructions provided.

You can send us your card and we will re-image it for you. Be sure to send it in a rigid cardboard envelope as postal equipment can destroy cards shipped in standard envelopes. The re-imaging service is free but we do charge $3 for return postage.

You can order a replacement data card from our web store. Replacement cards come pre-imaged with the latest version of the software. They cost $10 + $3 shipping.

Shipping / Repair Services

If you choose to ship a data card back to us for re-imaging, please use the following address:

Open Flight Solutions
Attn: Card Update
408 Camelot Dr.
Liberty, MO 64068

Please either include $3 in the (rigid, opaque) envelope or send it to us by PayPal at If you use PayPal, please be sure to add a note explaining that you’ve send a card in for re-imaging.