No Ground Towers

I purchased the kit and assembled without any problems but it will not receive ground towers at any altitude. I returned the SD Card to be re-imaged and got a new one back that I installed. I have flown with the antenna between Boston and Cincinnati for about two dozen round trips in a B-757 but can not receive a single tower. I checked the support page and thought the antenna lead may have become loose but it was in place correctly. I would really like to get this up and running before thunderstorm season comes back.


It’s hard to say what the issue is in a B757 - I don’t have one of those to test with. :smile: The problem with most transport and biz jets is the level of shielding. The cockpit windshield and windows have heating elements that act as a Faraday cage, blocking signals.

I’ve been able to test in a window seat in a 737 and had no problem picking up towers if the antennas are mounted in the window (though you do get weird looks from the cabin crew). Any chance you can try something like that?



I just got some new information from two First Officers I flew with last week. One uses an external antenna and said he though it was required. He also uses ForeFlight without any problems. The second F.O. said he found an external antenna for $29.95 on Amazon and it works great in the 757 oriented vertically on the sliding cockpit window. He got many, many towers and I will be trying this out between McGuire AFB and Thule, Greenland in six days. I will post the results as soon as I get back to the U.S. and get internet access.

Good news. I used the external antenna and got between 2-4 towers right away through the B-757 side window. It was a very short flight so I barely had a chance to work with it but the data coming in was fast and extensive. Problem solved. Now my next issue is getting ForeFlight to recognize and use the data. I will start by reloading ForeFlight and see if the newest version works with FlightBox.

On a transport category aircraft besides sitting inside the big aluminum tube the cockpit windows have embedded wires in them that are heated. The Front windshield have the most, then the sliding side window has a little less and then the fixed side/rear window had even less. Note: The windows in the passenger compartment are not heated at all(that is why it worked in the back just fine Steve).

Also, on the ground, the windows are not energized(heated), so in the case of the GPS, if you will power it up and get a lock on before you start engines and certainly before you take off (Weight OFF Wheels - All windows and Pitot/Static/AOA/TAT probes are on full power) you have a lot better odds. This should not matter too much for ADSB towers, as you are not trying to “LOCK” onto a valid position.

So try to put the antennas for the Flight Box, either attached or remote, towards the rear/side fixed window in the cockpit.