No device showing up in IPad (after update)

Installed latest update via App, WIFI shows “FlightBox” , airplane mode-off, Bluetooth mode-off, have remote antenna, however, no GPS signal. Check the devices under the (more tab) with no device found. Installed my bad-elf ( now Bluetooth-on) , I receive a GPS signal with device showing bad-elf. Until update, Flightbox was working fine. Any troubleshooting suggestions appreciated…?

I’m experiencing the same problem. Started after I downloaded the update through the app. Got it to work again by reimagining the card using my PC. A week later and it is a brick again. At first it worked fine. Then after about 30 minutes the screen would flash followed by ForeFlight shutting down. The first few times it happened I was able to get the signal back for a minute or two by closing ForeFlight then rebooting my iPad. That doesn’t work anymore.