New User Introduction

I have been around and around figuring out what to do to convert my Steamgauge RV-9A to a glass panel. I tried Ifly, but you must have the Ifly740 to get any output for the autopilot. Other than that it seemed to work OK. Ipad running Ifly could send flight plans to the 740 and the 740 could fly the plan through the AP. The 740 is small however and I was not happy with it.

Then I bought some used GRT efis equipment and installed that ( a lot of work). If works OK but is a pain to use. The user interface to set up flightplans and change them in flight is just not workable without great frustration. I Saw the Flightview system at OSH in 2019 and was impressed but concerned with a new startup. Two years on, Steve Sokol was at OSH again and after a long conversation decided to jump in. Now I have the Flgihtview loaded in an Ipad Air 3 and waiting on the Flightbox Pro, ADC and EMS. I will post my experiences with it.

Anyone else on the forum running the system?

Airventure 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 at HBC