New FLightview FDC

Installed my new Flightview FDC with not too much work and it seems to work very well. Faster that the original FDC and ADC boxes. The new FDC has all the functions built together and access to the Ethernet is right on the unit. Ethernet connection to the Ipad is virtually instant. Much improved over using the wifi connection.

Cant wait for the AOA function to be available.
Ed, RV-9A

Hi Ed, It’s been a while since you installed the system, are you still using the Flightview? Can you share your likes and dislikes?

Still using it. Some issues but minor overall. I sprung for the new fdc and have it installed. Running two iPads, one on each side. Autopilot I use all the time and it works well. Biggest issue for me is having to input flight plan each time it is power off. Flying to Oshkosh for instance we might have to stop twice for fuel and although I had the entire trip entered when I left the plan is lost and had to be entered again on each stop.

Steven is good about answering questions and resolving issues.

If money is not an object or if IFR is on your agenda Flightview is not the choice but two G3s and engine instruments Would cost 12$k or more and ifr would still require a certified GPS or at least VOR. Another advantage is the iPads can run Ifly or WingX or other program on the second panel if wanted. For VFR I recommend it.
Ed, RV-9A