New EMS and primary instruments on a CAR3 aircraft

I have a certified 1946 Stinson 108. I would like to install FlightView with the new V3 and EMS. Bc it’s certified, I can installed (after you get approval) via NORSEE.

I need to install certified primary engine instruments but I would like to also use the EMS in FlightView.

Can engine probs be used in parallel between the Primary electronics international instruments and the EMS?

Unfortunately, FlightView isn’t approved for installation in Part 23 or CAR3 aircraft. Our FlightBox Pro product is approved under the NORSEE process and can be installed. The Pro gets you some of the capabilities of FlightView including:

  • ADS-B Weather
  • ADS-B Traffic
  • WAAS GPS navigation
  • Backup Attitude
  • Backup Altitude
  • G-Meter

We hope that some day the FAA will create a Vintage category for aircraft like your Stinson, with rules similar to the Experimental and Light-Sport world.