Is Falken Still Trading?


I am based in the UK and interested in a number of FlightView related products. I have been trying to reach anyone from Falken but unfortunatly Iam not getting any reponse to any of my emails or messages. I even tried to call their telephone number but all what I am getting is the answering machine.

Can anyone cofirm if this company is still in business please?

Many thanks

He is very busy I am sure and perhaps that is the reason . Steven was Airventure with the booth all week and had a lot of people stop. Try him again by email.
Ed Lee, Lancaster SC
PSI have his entire system and two iPads for over two years

Hi Leo,

Apologies if I’ve been a bit difficult to get in touch with. We are very much still trading. We’ve largely limited our sales to the US up to this point but I would be happy to talk with you. You can reach me by email at or by phone at +1 (816) 336-9447.

For reference, I only check in on the user forum occasionally.

Best Regards,