I don't see the Wifi icon when I connect to FlightBox from my iPad

When I connect up to the FlightBox from my iPad or iPhone, I don’t see the signal strength icon (the little green “fan”) that indicates I’m connected.

When I go to Settings => Wifi, it shows as connected: I have a checkmark next to the FlightBox-xxxxxxx wife network name.

What gives? Am I connected?

Yes you are. This is normal. You are connected.

iOS does not show the icon because the wifi network is not connected to the Internet. For reasons known only to the good people at Apple, they do not show the signal strength indicator for “local only” networks like the FlightBox sets up.

To check just go to IPad settings and select Wifi you will see your Internet and you will see Flightbox and if lucky see half the neighbourhood wifi as well lol.
Firmware update worked just fine using Windows Ten laptop. QED.