How to connect to Skydemon on Android

Does anyone have experience in connecting the FlightBox to Skydemon on Android?

I bought a single mode FlightBox and today it was delivered to me in the Netherlands.
I assembled the pieces, fired it up, connected to the Wifi, went to the web interface on and it showed “connected”. and it sends or receives 1090ES messages.

in the “traffic” option it showed 8 planes, so the FlightBox it is working fine.

next: I want to connect it to SkyDemon on my Android smartphone.

And I can not find how to do that.

I went to settings in skydemon, choose “setup” and "connectivity option"
ticked “live data when planning and flying”

next is the choice for "external GPS/traffic source"
and that gives these options:

  1. None
  2. FLARM
  3. Dynon SkyView
  4. X-plane
  5. GDL-90

First I tried "FLARM"
and it askes for “Air Connect Key”. I don’t know what tat is, and currently is has “6000” as value.

Next I leave the setup menu and go to “Go flying"
It asks what to use: Use location services” or “Use FLARM”

I choose “use FLARM” and it replied: “failed to establish a connection with the butterfly connect unit”

next I tried Dynon SkyView, X-plane and GDL-90. None established a connection.

Can you please point me to a way to connect the FlightBox to SkyDemon?
Because that’s why I bought it for.

Thanks and best regards
Robert Deen
The netherlands.

Good morning FlightBox friends.
I still don’t get the FlightBox to work with Skydemon on my Android phone.
(Skydemon is the leading flightplanning and navigation app in Europe).

Can you please suggest me a cheap or free navigation App that is available in Google Play Store, which hs proven to work with FlightBox, that I could use to test FlightBox and see the planes in the moving map.

Thank you.

Use GDL90 and make sure that you have disabled the AHRS and weather, in Skydemon you can set the vertical (STANDART 5000 FT) in setup, the rada will only appear if they is a conflict