How to change Baro setting

Please provide the following information:

[ x ] FlightBox Kit
[  ] FlightBox Assembled (FB1X)
[  ] Generic Stratux

FlightBox / Stratux version: "v1.0r1")

FlightBox / Stratux build: (e.g. "db130aab76")

Radio Configuration:
[x ] Dual Band
[  ] Single Band - US / CA - 978 MHz UAT
[  ] Single Band - International - 1090-ES

GPS Configuration:
[  ] None - Using mobile device's GPS
[x ] Open Flight Solutions Remote GPS
[  ] Internal GPS Module (VK-172)
[  ] Other:

USB Power Source:

2.1 amp iPad adapter

USB Cable:
[x ] 3' heavy gauge cable included with FlightBox
[  ] Other: (Make / Model / Description Here)

EFB Application name and version:  Flightbox Utility app

Please include a detailed description of your issue or question:

How do I change the altimeter (baro) setting on the PFD included with the FlightBox Utility app? It’s at standard pressure (29.92")

Bump! Please indicate how to change BARO. On boot up it defaults to 29.92. Is it automatic? I did noticed it changed at one point but I do not know how long it took to change.

If it is automatic, and it takes too long to update, is there a way to manually change it?

Baro setting is automatic, set by closest station received by 978, in the US only. When I fly in the US, baro setting updates during flight, but here at home in Canada, we don’t have 978 ground stations. I would like to see an update to set baro manually.

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