How do I get a call back from Open Flight Solutions?

I returned my Flightbox to open flight solutions on the advice of Steve Sokol because the GPS would not work. I have a receipt from USPS (insured) that they received it a week ago. I’ve called and emailed numerous times, but they won’t return my contact. I’m concerned that they have gone out of business or something. Their phone receptionist is polite, but the only thing she will do is “pass on your request”. I am frustrated because I need the flight fixed and returned.

Palmer Alaska

HELP! Can anyone suggest a way to make contact with “open flight solutions “? At this point I wonder if I’m just out $250 and will never know why.

Ok, well I got a nice email from Steve. As one might guess, his relocation across the country resulted in some delays. My Flightbox is reportedly fixed and in the mail. Thanks Steve.