Heat Sinks for PI2 or Pi3

I noticed there is a heat sink kit available for the Pi2 or Pi3 from MCM Electronics. Can you tell me if these would fit inside the Flightbox case without interference with the fan, etc.? I thought it might be helpful to dissipate some heat from the chips. I am using a Pi2 with 1.0r1 software. Also, I have a Pi3 model B here on the bench, so is the current 1.0r1 (945c8bf6bc) compatible with the Pi3 also? I would like to use the same file for both.

BTW, the MCM Part # for the heat sink kit is 83-16516. The heat sinks are 10mm in height and are for the CPU and Ethernet controller chip. --Eric.

Not sure about that exact kit, but based on the 10mm height I think it should fit. But do be aware that it may not fit with the upcoming AHRS daughterboard. There’s right at 1cm of space between the Pi’s PCB and the daughterboard’s PCB and we have a number of components mounted on the bottom of the PCB.