GRT Horizon compatibility

I just bought a GRT Horizon and I was told that the FlightBox is works with it, I just wanted to confirm that before I buy one.

I have a FlightBox and GRT Horizon combo. I can confirm the FB does feed traffic info to the Horizon.

Thanks, thats what I need to know.

It does get the info to the GRT but…the output cannot be just the WiFi. It requires a serial adapter to get the info into the GRT.

I get the traffic on my GRT Horizon 10.1, is there any way to get airspeed to read out on the Horizon?

There is no way unless a computer geek can figure it out. I do not know what Grt you are running. I was using sport sx S200 and a S100 slave. The S200 has static and pitot ports so airspeed was available on either because the S200 shares its info. Flightbox does not know airspeed so cannot send it.