ForeFlight doesn't see Flightbox intermittantly

Hi all, I’m using a FlightBox dual band with big antennas and remote GPS antenna feeding to an old I-pad mini with the latest ForeFlight app. Intermittantly, I don’t see the flightbox recognized by ForeFlight even though the Flight Box is shown on the Wifi on the I-pad. I get a message that the I-pad is unable to connect to the FlightBox Wifi even though the signal is available. This happened on about half of my recent flights. When it works, it’s great but I carry my old 496 because I can’t rely on the I-pad, ForeFlight, FlightBox combo. Thanks, Paul, Navion 2561T

I had the same problem, on mine I went into setting on the iPad, turned bluetooth off, airplane mode off, made sure my wifi was connected to my flightbox. So far that has solved my problem. My problem only started with the last update to my iPad approx two weeks ago. I have turned mine off and on approx 25-30 time and it has connected and stayed connected each time.

Hope this is helpful

Thanks Chuck, I’ve flown 10 flights totalling about 30 hours and Flightbox has wifi-ed to my Ipad mini on every flight. Sometimes it’s a little slow to pick up ADSB towers but I was over ND,SD and Montana a lot. The Ipad bluetooth and airplane mode have always been off. I still carry the 496 for backup. Good luck, Paul

Glad it helped, I fought this problem for a week before I
figured it out.