FlightBox Utility download

I’m running IOS 14.3 and cannot find FlightBox Utility in the Apple App Store. Has this app been pulled from the App Store, and if so, will it be coming back?

Steven emailed me that yes - the app is a no-go for now, and instead to use the web browser interface.

The best option for the time being is indeed the web user interface. To get to it, connect up to the FlightBox-xxxxxx wifi network, open your web browser, and direct it to - the IP address for the FlightBox. That will open up the internal diagnostics page.

Not quite as elegant as the app, but it works and it won’t be broken by iOS changes. (Grrr…)



So what is the latest firmware version and how do I get it?

See below . How do I get the latest firmware and what is the latest version?