Flightbox Plus AHRS activation

Please provide the following information:

[  ] FlightBox Kit
[x] FlightBox Assembled (FB1X) S/N b827eb78a660 08/23/2017
[  ] Generic Stratux

FlightBox / Stratux version: (e.g. "v0.8r2" or "v1.0r1")

FlightBox / Stratux build: (e.g. "db130aab76")

Radio Configuration:
[  ] Dual Band
[  ] Single Band - US / CA - 978 MHz UAT
[  ] Single Band - International - 1090-ES

GPS Configuration:
[  ] None - Using mobile device's GPS
[  ] Open Flight Solutions Remote GPS
[x] Internal GPS Module (VK-172)
[  ] Other:

USB Power Source:
[x] USB Battery: (Make / Model Here)
[  ] Cigarette Lighter Adapter: (Make / Model Here)

USB Cable:
[x] 3' heavy gauge cable included with FlightBox
[  ] Other: (Make / Model / Description Here)

EFB Application name and version:  FlyQ 2.4+  Flightbox app 1.4+

Please include a detailed description of your issue or question:

I’ve recently purchased a Flightbox Plus (assembled) as described above, order #4316 I can receive (at my home, i.e. not aboard a plane–not tried yet) GPS position, and ADS-B data (including high altitude traffic, as well as low altitude traffic and weather, as I am close enough to line-of-sight for a couple of ground towers near McCarran (KLAS) airport. I am however unable to activate AHRS functionality on my iPad. Yes, I checked the two switches in the Settings menu of the Flightbox app. Neither the flightbox app, nor FlyQ acknowledge either an AHRS connection or any input from the Flightbox device. What do I need to do to make AHRS work? (Of course, gently moving the Flightbox case does not help, as there is no connection.) Should I be in the air for it to kick in? Do I need to apply the beta firmware patch that the Flightbox app suggested I may not wish to apply, since it’s beta?

I am a software professional, as well as a ham operator (KD0BME) so I can probably understand a technical explanation if necessary.

Best regards.

Yes, only the Beta software works with the AHRS. The “Flightbox Utility” will automatically download the stable release, and your AHRS will no longer work. Re-load the Beta software, and it should work.

After installing 1.3.b3 beta the situation did not change. What’s the next troubleshooting step? I’ve logged in to, but it’s no different from the flightbox app.