FlightBox or FlightBox Plus

I purchased a FlightBox from another pilot. It was represented to be a FlightBox Plus with AHRS and other additional functions. The case only says “FlightBox ADS-B.” How do I determine if it is really a FlightBox Plus with the other functions?

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fire it up and get the app for your table, fire up the app attach to the flightbox wifi and open your flight app. you
you can select the 3D or synthetic vision if the AHRS is working moving the flightbox through the 3 axis will display on the app.

All the Flight boxes look alike. You would have to open the box and see if the ADHAR plug-in is in the box. Or the seller might have some documentation showing the ADHAR was installed or bought with an ADHAR. The early Flight Box did not have the ADHAR, but was easily added later when they became available. Depending on what MFD you are playing the Flight Box info on, you could tell also if it has synthetic vision as synthetic vision won’t work without an ADHAR.

Your right., other than the occasional text from someone sometimes I wonder what Steve Sokol is up to concerning flight box?