Flightbox interface to Eupean EFBs

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[  ] Generic Stratux

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[  ] Single Band - US / CA - 978 MHz UAT
[x ] Single Band - International - 1090-ES

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[ x] Open Flight Solutions Remote GPS
[  ] Internal GPS Module (VK-172)
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Sorry - was unable to enter text using my iPad so ‘replying’ to myself on Mac.
I live in UK and have just installed 1090 only Flightbox in my Skybolt. I use Air NavPro and am considering moving to SkyDemon. However, as far as I can see neither can interface with Flightbox. ANP is configured for FLARM or Levil AHRS G mini but there is no way to simply select wifi or an IP address. I have tried a couple of US based EFBs in demo mode and whilst they do present ADS-B traffic information, there is no point in my paying the subscriptions to replicate functionality I already have. Can anyone tell me how Air Nav Pro or Sky Demon can be configured to receive ADS-B traffic from Flightbox or is there some more coding to be done to Stratux before this will be possible. Alternatively what do we in Europe need to ask the ANP/Sky Demon providers to do to their software. Lastly, would I get a simple polar display of traffic around me simply by using the Flightbox Web interface via Safari and input its IP address?

Grateful for any help - ADS-B is breaking new ground with the UK GA community so detail is hard to find when using a US sourced system like Flightbox.


Mike, I tested (very briefly) with a recent version of SkyDemon and it appeared to work. We use the same generic GDL-90 protocol as the Levil system uses so if they support ADS-B from Levil, they should work properly with FlightBox.

Hi Mike
I live in the Netherlands and I used to fly with AirNavigation Pro and switched to SkyDemon a year ago, both on Android. Recently I bought the single band FlightBox kit, assembled it and tried to get that working with SkyDemon on Android which sofar does not give me any positive indications.

I powered the FlightBox with a 10Ah power gorilla, and connected my Android Phone to the FlightBox Wifi, went to the web interface on and it showed “connected”. And it exchanges 1090ES messages. In the “traffic” option of the web interface it showed many planes on my phone, so the FlightBox it is working fine. This proves that the FlightBox is working and is exchanging ADS info with the Android phone.

Next I want to connect the Flightbox to SkyDemon on my Android smartphone.

In the “settings” menu of SkyDemon on Android there is the option “External GPS/Traffic Source” and I selected “GDL-90”.

By default SkyDemon only shows traffic within 5000 ft vertically based on your current position, so I increased this limit to get a wider area for detected traffic.

I restarted the Android Phone, closed all firewall options, closed all other EFB applications (to prevent that other apps may have a lock on port 4000, preventing SkyDemon from receiving anything).

Then I selected “Go flying” on SkyDemon.
It then offers the choise between “use location services” or “Use GDL90” and I selected GDL90.
SkyDemon reported back “connecting to device” without result. The message stays forever.
And next SkyDemon also reports “the connection to your GPS has been lost”.

Steven asked SkyDemon for an evaluation license and he tested the connetion between SkyDemon on iPad with SkyBox and he reported that this works OK.
Steven told me that he plans to also test it on an Android device.

Next I installed “Naviator” on my Android system. That works with the FlightBox, showing planes on the map. Its not losing the connection to the GPS either.

Thoughts and considerations:

  1. In the “settings” menu of SkyDemon on Android there is the option “External GPS/Traffic Source” and I selected “GDL-90”. It is unsure if this option does also force the android system to start looking for an external GPS thereby forcing the phones internal GPS to diconnect. If thats the case, any effort to connect a FlightBox without a GPS will fail. Anyway the connection efforts between the FlightBox and SkyDemon also causes SkyDemon to lose its connection to the phone’s GPS receiver.
  2. It is unclear why SkyDemon on iPad does work with SkyBox and same on Android does not
    Steve told me that he plans to also test it on an Android device and you might consider to wait for that result.

Best regards
Robert Deen