FlightBox AHRS Features & Use

I’m planning to purchase the AHRS board to add to my generic RP2 Stratux.

I am displaying data now on my GRT EFIS using a RS232 cable. Does the AHRS board include the hardware for serial output or do I need to continue to use my cable? My cable uses ChipX hardware. Is this hardware compatible with the latest software?

I am using the old image (v0.8 I think) to have serial interface. I there a new image available that has AHRS and serial implemented?

I use FltPlnGO on my iPad. Are you aware if they are developing a way to display attitude information? I think Foreflight does. Are there any iOS apps that will use the AHRS output from Stratux to display attitude? I’m just looking for a backup attitude display.



Hi Hjeuropa,

The AHRS board does not have an integrated serial output, so you will need to use a USB-to-RS232 serial adapter. FlightBox expects a Silicon Labs CP2102 programmed with the serial value as “Stratux Serialout”. You can find the procedure for doing this in the image/10-stratux.rules file in the Stratux repository. Or you can order a pre-configured cable from us.

To get serial output you will need to use a beta image. You can find instructions and a link to the beta firmware here. Note that the beta firmware for AHRS and the beta firmware for serial out are mutually exclusive (i.e. separate updates). We will be working to put them together into a released version in the next few weeks.

I don’t know if FltPlan Go is working on an attitude / syn-vis display. If you find out, please let us know. At this point the AHRS output from FlightBox / Stratux works with WingX Prox, iFly GPS, Aerovie, and a few others. It does not work with ForeFlight at this time.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I have been in contact with FltPlGO Tech Support and they say it has been tested:

"Thanks for asking.
Yes, the Atttitude Indicator with Stratux has been tested and there were no issues or problems.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

Is the AHRS board now available? The website indicates only the “pre-order” units.