Flight Tested After Install

All in all it took about 8 hours to get everything installed and connected. The autopilot functions using the extended functions available on the TruTrak work very well. Some learning of how to actually operate it while flying was necessary. If you use the right button on the flightbar you can move the cursor around and select track to fly, or follow course, or bank if no course is selected, you can preselect altitude then vertical speed and the autopilot will fly to that altitude at the rate selected, all from the PFD without using the autopilot controls. The flightbar is much better than screen touching. Simple to install and set up. I use in-ear headset (CQ brand, but similar to Clarity or Halo) and per Sokol’s suggestion bought the Panovue Bluetooth to audio device and wired it to my intercom, now I get all audio alerts from the Flightview system, and it all plays nice. Overall I am very pleased. I have learned much and would be glad to try to help anyone with questions. Steven Sokol has been very helpful and I am sure he stays busy, so if I can help I am glad to.
Ed, Vans RV-9A