Flight Box No Internet Connection

I have tried all the meothods in the help section and wanted to ask for additional help. Today I tried my flight box for the first time in a week or so. I am getting the “No Internet Connection” message. Have tried this on an iPad with iOS 10.2.1 and 10.3. Thought it might be the new iOS update but using version (10.2.1) that was successful previously and it is not working either.

Any tips or help greatly appreciated.


Jim, I believe this is correct behavior. You can see that you have a “CHECKMARK” next to the FlightBox-… this means you DO have a valid connection to the FlightBox. The No Internet Connection below is a new “feature” starting with IOS 10, this simply means that there is no connection out to the internet, ie this peer to peer if you will connection doesn’t meant the normal standard but you do have a connection.

When you exit out of SETTINGS you should see the WIFI symbol up in the top left portion of your screen and you should be able to connect to the FlightBox using your EFB or entering in a browser window.

Give that a try!