Flight box Networking

Hi all.
Flight box networks as
My wifi networks as
Which means you have to change settings and you can’t have both wifi networks.
So is their a simple solution for a computer illiterate pilot?
Change my router ip? Or change the Flightbox.

I use ozrunways and at this stage ozrunways sees either its own networked traffic or stratux but not both.
They also say they are working on why stratux does not put its gps position across to the iPad and you need to use the iPads own location positioning either by gps dongle or wifi cell triangulation.

Having everything on one network would be great especially as this firmware update prefers internet access to work better.

I’m a bit confused. When you say “My wifi networks as…” - what wifi network is this? Do you already have a wifi network in your aircraft? If so, what’s it for?

And “ozrunways sees either its own networked traffic or stratux but not both” - what’s its traffic source?

With regard to “why stratux does not put its gps position across to the iPad” - if you have a GPS installed in the Stratux or FlightBox system, it does. It sends it as part of the ownship GDL-90 message. If the Stratux / FlightBox doesn’t have a GPS then your tablet will have to have one.

We might consider adding a “client mode” to the networking configuration, but it will take some extra effort on the user’s part to make use of it: you will have to configure the FlightBox to join the network and you’ll also have to provide the IP address or addresses of each device that needs to receive the GDL-90 message stream from the receiver.

Sorry early in am here.
To qualify my remarks.
Flightbox is at home at present on test as I am setting up the EFB.
However my iPad mini is wifi only not sim carded so it relies on my home wifi for updates.

Your firmware update instructions mention something about best if you have the Internet available when you do the firmware update.
So I pointed out how I get my internet and how I can’t be on both wifi networks at same time unless I change one of the ip addresses.

WRT Ozrunways, my Flightbox has its own external gps supplied in the shipment and it’s fine however in plane when you open up the EFB ozrunways using my iPad Air which is wifi only the Flightbox coordinates do not feed to the iPad EFB app so you don’t see the plane icon or position.
The only way you can make the iPad know where it is is to use the little ELF lightning dongle.

How Ozrunways gets its traffic.
Ozrunways gets networked traffic via the Internet using peer sharing. So you either need a wifi internet connection or a SIM card 4g service provider. It has become an issue because you can have the extensive VFR sharing all the Ozrunways traffic data if you stay on 4g in the plane or if you switch your iPad over to the stratux ip then you get adsb in traffic.
The issue as I see it and it’s not Flightsolutions to solve is you only get IFR or VFR non adsb but not both.
Something Ozrunways say depends on third parties co operation.
Adsb is early days here and single frequency 1090
Only IFR are squawking adsb and new VFR aircraft.
All the rest seem to be hooked up over the mobile internet sending their positions via Ozrunways or AVPlan.
All pretty confusing.

In conclusion if we have to stay hooked up to the Internet in Australia to satisfy the Ozrunways traffic sharing service, which by the way requires you to click a little plane icon then we may as well just hook up to Flightaware or Flightradar 24 which is a bit stupid IMO. The aim of the apps is to get real time close by traffic alerting is it not?

Ok. Makes a bit more sense now. Thanks!

You’ll need to launch the app on the tablet while it has an Internet connection. The very first thing it will do is go out to our server and download the update file - this usually takes about 10 seconds. Since you’re in Australia I would say give it a minute. :slight_smile:

After the minute is up, go back to settings and connect up to the “FlightBox-xxxxx” network. Then go back to the app. It should recognize that it’s connected to a FlightBox and display the status info. It should also check the firmware version and let you know that you need to update.

You DO NOT need to be connected to the Internet to do the update. The update file is stored on the iPad. Just go to the Settings option and tap “Firmware Update”. If either the tab option at the bottom or the “Firmware Update” option are grayed out, restart the all (kill it, re-launch it) and it should enable everything.

Ok, that’s really kind of weird. Here in the States you lose most 4G / cellular connectivity at about 1000’ AGL, which would make it difficult to update via the VFR sharing feature.

Funny you should say that. When I mention that cell towers have down tilted antenna to cover highways and byways I get shut down the spin from OZR.
Thanks about to do the upgrade

Hey mate, had same issues with GPS not working with Ozrunways on my wifi only ipad. Got bugger all help from them, who said it was all my hardwares fault, not their precious software and that their solution was I should buy a new ipad with 4G. Tried on three other devices, still didn’t work but they didn’t care.

I switched to Avplan, which worked with the FlightBox straight away. Have ADS-B and WAAS gps. Done 30hrs flying with it now and works great. Also Avplan has AHRS, so expect it may work with the flightbox AHRS addon in the future :slight_smile:

Ozrunway still fails to work august 2017
Av plan perfect
shows traffic from flight box well

I gave up on Ozrunways. When I asked if they will add support for Flightbox, they said no, buy a newer ipad with 4G.

I now use Avplan and haven’t looked back. Plus thanks to Steve, now got my flightbox working perfectly!

Hi All, we are (finally) looking in to the problem - sorry we are late to the party! We honestly didn’t realise the problem because I personally have a flight box in my aeroplane and don’t have any issues - it connected to OzRWY out of the box and works fine. Still does. But clearly something has changed since late 2016 as new FlightBox users seem to be having trouble. We will get it fixed as soon as we can.