External GPS not working & no weather & no traffic reporting

I have had major problems with my new unit. First of all I did not know that there was a new Firmware update. I updated the firmware and also installed the “Flightbox” app on my iPad. I bought and installed the external GPS. However, under the status page it is gray and states “Your FlightBox system does not have a GPS connected”. On the settings page the GPS button is turned on. In Foreflight, under the “Devices” page it shows the GPS Position as “Not Valid”. Is the external GPS I bought from Open Solutions faulty?

Then halfway through a flight that I took this week I lost all traffic, weather, GPS and everything else. I was reading the “Report” page and on the Status Report it states I am connected to a FlightBox system running firmware version v1.0r1 but no radio modules installed. How can that be? Those are the 2 radio modules plug-ins that are inserted into the motherboard. They are still there, they didn’t fall out.

I wrote here about 11 days ago about Flightbox not showing up on the device page with settings showing WIFI is connected to Flightbox…I still do not receive GPS, weather, towers…todate still have not had any response.

I wrote to “customer service” on Tuesday and haven’t heard back from anyone yet.