Comm (VHF) interference

After a year of stable function, I now have a very strong audio interference on my comm radio every time the Flightbox is powered up. Open Solutions mentions that this usually comes from the power supply to the unit, but does not offer any suggestions for a fix. I am using a 1 foot section of 16 gauge wire to a USB power adapter to power the unit. Has anyone else had this issue? Any recommended solutions?

It likely isn’t the box rather the USB power supply or better said the load the box is putting on the power supply. If it is a cigarette lighter or a hard wired non-aviation model they often put out interference as they age and heat takes its toll. I would look there and would seek out a dedicated aviation use approved USB port with its own breaker to troubleshoot the problem. Not all draws are the same making troubleshooting with another USB device marginal as the unique load the box is putting on the USB power supply could cause it to produce interference. Cords are usually dead or alive in terms of powering a unit and not usually a source of interference from my experience unless there is a visible damage to the shielding that could cause a short (change the cord out to see).

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Thanks PJack- I’ll try a different USB power supply; and will update the post after the change.