Beta Feature - Serial Output

I’ll try to put together an image with the 2.0 firmware on it. I’ll update this thread with the link when I have it on the site.

That would be great… Cheers

Here’s the link:

That’s about 2.2 GB when you unzip it. Give that a shot and see what you get.



I now have a connection(WiFi) and the Autopilot(EZ Pilot) is seeing some info, in other words it’s making a connection… Great.

I’m seeing a different screen on my AP than when I was connected to Garmin-296
by putting me in Course mode instead of Track mode which is probably caused by
not getting the $GPRMB message

Correct. The 296 was sending out both the position / track info sentence (GPRMC) and the course info message (GPRMB). I suspect that if you cleared the flight plan on the 296 you would see the same thing you’re seeing now.

You are right… since I plan on using iFly I’m wondering if iFly does output the two messages that I could pickup from an android usb??? I’ll search on that. Seems so far that their 740b does…
Thx again.

I think that all navigators, including the iFly, will output either GPRMB or GPAPB (or both) when navigating along a course.

There are a few other sentences that provide a broader picture of the course being flown which may also be sent. I think those include GPBOD, GPPWL, and GPRTE. Our FlightBox Pro EXP model sends those (along with GPRMB and GPAPB), but that requires the navigation route information from the FlightView app.

in my case I meant the Ifly software on android, if it output the message thru the usb???

For that to work, your Android tablet would need to be able to talk to the USB adapter using something like an USB-OTG adapter and the iFly app would need to output the NMEA sentences.

It might be worth a call to iFly to see if the Android app supports that functionality. I know that their older hardware devices (740, etc.) were able to do that.

Got in touch with iFly for the android software and it does not support
it for the moment