Any Flightview news on the Forum?

Seems to be awfully quiet on the forum. Nothing at all in over 20 days? Does anyone have any insight into the status of firmware/software for flightview? My system is working but there are some issues I would like to see resolved and I haven’t heard anything nor gotten any communication from Steven recently

Nobody is putting any info up. They must not have any issues.

I was wondering which splitter you used for your antennae. Also which antennae did you purchase?

I am not using a splitter. I am using two of the high gain antennas remotely mounted from the flightbox pro using cables suggested by Steven. These are the same remote cables I was using with the old ads-b in receiver I was using. It all works very well. I have an RV-9A and the antennas are mounted in the baggage area behind the passenger seat with a clear view of the sky. What are you using?

I plan on using one antennae for ADSB in and out with a splitter. Then I’ll use another antennae for my Transponder.