Any CDN users on the forum?

Trying to get info re buying system but seem to have gone totally unresponsive on any medium. Others able contact?

No problem with my Flightbox. It works perfectly. I am based at CYLI. No contact with Steve Sokol for quite a while.

I have received most of m y system from Steve. He is working on a new batch of the Engine monitors.

He has returned my emails to him. It may take a few days he has just moved from CA to TX.

tks. I was trying to buy a system. My panel is all cut out for it, I’ve bought 2 iPads now all wired up to run it and they went nordo so I’m left with an unusable panel -nice.

tks for info
Are you using the overlap border charts available . That’s what I was planning which would be adequate for my needs but they’ve gone totally unresponsive so I’m stuck. Are you running the full system? incl EMS

I only have the Flightbox, not the efis system. I use FltPlan Go on my iPad, and all charts are free from FltPlan. I have no idea what “overlap border charts” are.