AHRS not working after install

Please provide the following information:

[  ] FlightBox Kit
[  ] FlightBox Assembled (FB1X)
[  ] Generic Stratux

FlightBox / Stratux version: (e.g. "v0.8r2" or "v1.0r1")

FlightBox / Stratux build: (e.g. "db130aab76")

Radio Configuration:
[  ] Dual Band
[  ] Single Band - US / CA - 978 MHz UAT
[  ] Single Band - International - 1090-ES

GPS Configuration:
[  ] None - Using mobile device's GPS
[  ] Open Flight Solutions Remote GPS
[  ] Internal GPS Module (VK-172)
[  ] Other:

USB Power Source:
[  ] USB Battery: (Make / Model Here)
[  ] Cigarette Lighter Adapter: (Make / Model Here)

USB Cable:
[  ] 3' heavy gauge cable included with FlightBox
[  ] Other: (Make / Model / Description Here)

EFB Application name and version:FlyQ

Please include a detailed description of your issue or question:Installed AHRS unit according to video and online text. Removed GPS module (G95). Get status receiving 1090-ES, Data Connection, no AHRS data, no fan, no led status lights. Bought and installed update card. ?? Suggestions? FlyQ shows GPS, Weather (internet) and 2 ADSB working.

I had a similar experience and was getting quite frustrated but my Scottish blood wouldn’t let me quit. It turned out that when I updated the software I didn’t get the final BETA version correct. I re-imaged the SD-card with the BETA Version 1.0r1 software (which I thought I had done the first time) and the lights came on and the system started working as expected. FYI, I wanted to make sure I installed everything correctly and ended up actually taking it all apart before the software fix and putting it back together with same poor results. The BETA did the fix for me.

Thanks for the reply. I bought the updated data card with (supposedly) the latest software in the same package as the AHRS card. The basic software works fine to get traffic and weather but the AHRS card is dead with no leds showing anything. I’m out of town on business and all the people at OFS are at Sun-n-Fun so I guess it’ll have to wait until next week.

I have the same issue. Things are lighting up but I can’t get the AHRS going. Even on settings the AHRS keeps sliding to the off position. No idea what’s going on.

Hi Folks,

My best guess from the description here is that you need to do a hard refresh on “Status”, “GPS/AHRS” and “Settings” pages in your web browser. This will force the browser to load the latest version of the web interface code. To do this on Windows, hold down Ctrl and press F5. To do this on a Mac, hold down Command + Shift and press R.

After you have done this on the Settings page, you will need to enable the Attitude Sensor and the Altitude Sensor. (If you have the original AHRS beta software it may just say “Sensors”.) Once that is enable you should see an attitude indicator on the “GPS / AHRS” page. (Again, make sure you do the hard refresh if you don’t see it.)



P.S. - Apologies for the delay in responding. I was out sick the week following Sun-N-Fun.