Aft Mounting of Flightbox Pro

My Flightbox Pro has two stickers: UP and FORWARD. Can I mount it backward and compensate in software?

I am mounting all avionics behind the pilot above my Sonex’s baggage bay and would like to see the status LEDs on the Flightbox Pro.

Yes - you can mount the box in any “square” orientation (i.e. where the axes of the box are aligned with the axes of the aircraft) and reconfigure the “forward” and “up” values using the AHRS Configuration section of the Flight Data Computer settings in the app. Please see the user guide for details.

I read the user guide and suggest your thorough clarification above be added. It was not clear to me. Thank you Steve.

What do you think of my proposal photo for mounting in my Sonex Xenos electric motor glider?


  1. Flightbox Pro - Square orientation.
  2. ADC - Magnetometer isolated from all electrics. Since this is an electric aircraft, I want the magnetometer isolated from the 50KW motor and electronics up front.
  3. Hinge - Panel for XPDR, COM, GPS, Fuse box and USB Hub. Hinge swings down for easy maintenance.
  4. Only two wires will run to the front of the Aircraft: 12 volt DC Power, 5.1 amps and PTT - Push to Talk switch
  5. No messy wires - Headset jacks behind pilot.
  6. Easy mounting of XPDR, COM and GPS antennas.
  7. Good wifi signal to iPad.
  8. Declutter instruments panel, for a Tesla-like look. ( Simple User Interface)

I am astounded how easy it was to connect the system. Here are some photos of:

  • Exterior- five-antennas and their separation requirements.Hours of analysis was required to obtain the separation distances.
  • interior - Radios mounted for workbench testing, including a crude gimbal mount for the ADC and Flightbox so the compass and AHRS can be tested.

I am awaiting the RG400 coax for the COMM antenna connection, then testing will commence.