ADHARs will not handshake with the IFly 740

The Flight Box will not connect to the IFly 740 even though the three lights are lit on the ADHARs board. I tested the wi-fi on the 740 and it is working so there appears to be a problem of either the ADHARs board or firmware not handshaking with the 740. The ADSB worked flawlessly before the install of the ADHARs board and fan. Steve upgraded the firmware. The ADSB is useless now and I would like a solution. The 740 shows the Stratux/Flight Box is selected, but not connected.

I am having the same problem with my 740 after installing the AHARS. The AHARS and ADSB are useless now. Also the map will jump around even though the gps is indicating normal. Also the power cords do not want to stay connected and even when they do the power light is off and of course no signal. The problem has become more constant now.

I have been 2 weeks trying to get ahold of Steve Sokol, but no response and Steve has not responded to these queries on the Forum. I suspect Steve is on vacation or he is overwhelmed with problems created with the ADAHRs upgrade. I think the new firmware is nor allowing a handshake. I did notice that the power light on the Flight Box takes about 25 seconds to light up so there is a delay in there whether deliberate or a firmware glitch. The Flight Box is now a worthless piece of old electronics, but the 740 still works correctly.
Dick Welsh

Hello dick56, bnslake and company - I’ve tested with an iFly 740 and found that the attitude indicator works as expected. If you have the HSI and turn coordinator (the default display) you won’t see any attitude info - the TC is driven purely by the GPS’s rate of turn data.

I have not had the iFly up in the air, so I have not been able to confirm any sort of issue with the ADS-B reception. On the ground I have been able to see 1090 traffic targets. When my airplane gets out of annual I’ll take it up and see how it does with UAT.

What version of firmware do you have on your iFly 740s?

Here are a couple of pics of the 740 connected to a FlightBox with AHRS:

Here’s a link to a video showing how to get the FlightBox connected with the iFly GPS:

Thanks for the information Steve. To be honest my biggest problem is the power cord. I have tried the 90 degree cords Ina effort to keep from hitting them with my elbow. I have tried to find a different location to mount it but no luck so far. One hit with the elbow, not a hard hit, it becomes useless and I have to get another cord. If possible some time it would be better fo have the cord come out the antenne end or the other end. Any other thoughts on the power cord would be appreciated. I am looking into remoting it if I can find the right location.

Bob Stebbins

Once I learned how to do the “connect” in the IFly setup after following Steve’s video, everything worked great. I did have to make a “U” shaped strap to hold the FlightBox down tight to the glare shield; otherwise the attitude indicator on the IFly instrument page was very bouncy and jumpy as the glareshield vibrated.
Dick Welsh

I have the same trouble with the ifly app on both Android and iOS. Flight Box doesn’t get recognized by the app. It is however recognized as a generic ads-b source. Try changing your setting to auto detect. That did it for me.