No FlightBox WiFi network listed - unable to connect

My flightbox used to connect perfectly, but now I get a message that there is no connection. I go to the WiFi list and there is no listing for FlightBox network. What has happened. I am reasonably sure there is power to the box.

Don, I’m no expert and just another user. Are you able to hear the fan running inside your flightbox? That’s the best indication it has power.

Sometimes you can see lights inside the box as well if you look through the vent or the two holes on the end.

If you’ve got power and it’s not showing up on your iPad, I’m not sure how to help you.

I posted a couple of questions in the last few days and though a few folks have read my questions, no one has responded, so I’m unsure whether or not Steve is still supporting the product. I hope he is! Maybe just on vacation?

Good luck!


PS - edited to add - you might remove the casing and make sure everything is still physically connected inside the box.

Hi Matt:

Thanks for your response. I’ll check out your suggestions the next time I fly and let you know what the results are.


Same issue here. I have power to the red light. No fan, but that’s to be expected. I’d sent my box in for an upgrade and was told that the fan won’t come on until hot enough.
But, no Flightbox wifi connection anymore in list of available wifi connections.
Any ideas short of sending back (again)?


I have the same issue I noticed today. The unit is showing green for power, then a Orange LED and a blinking Blue LED. IOS device is waiting for the connection. Version 14.0 may be the issure after the upgrade. I need to get this working again.