Ghost ADSB return + ADSB boot

New Flightbox using FlyQ EFB on an iPad mini 4 … First real test of the unit in my Glastar.

To boot the ADSB I had to spark it to start by selecting, then deselecting the Levil AHRS/Dynon D2 AHRS. Once up, it ran fine.

I was “followed” by a phantom return throughout my flights … 4 flights totaling 3.8 hours … The unit is mounted on velcro on the floor of my baggage compartment (composite fuselage with a steel tube cage).

Any ideas?

This post is semi-old so you may have already figured it out. But just in case, did you input your own aircraft HEX code into the FlightBox? That is probably your own aircraft showing up. You need to exempt it so that FlighBox does not pick it up.

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Thank you for your note. Yours is the only response I’ve received. I’ll look into this.

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